And We Shall Dub Thee….

The process of naming new products, systems or concepts requires a full team of support. From the creativity to conceptualize the naming directions, to vetting them against other names, to making sure a name or set of names clears any trademark or copyright protection, the naming business is big business.

It’s a mix of creativity, practicality and an understanding of legality. As a writer, I’ve named banks, tools, power cables and two incredible little boys.

Pedestal Bank

Pedestal.Bank is the name I found after five banks merged into one in Southern Louisiana. The process for naming a bank, credit union or other financial institution is fraught with risk. Suing banks is easy money after all. But this is this some insight how this group came to love the name of Pedestal Bank.

Iron Bridge Re-Naming

WalMart’s white label tool brand wanted ideas to consider for a new name and brand. This exercise helped ultimately land upon 3 finalists for consideration. At the end of the day, the company stuck with Iron Bridge, but provided a new visual identity. Frankly, I don’t think Iron Bridge is too bad of a name for a tool company, but what do I know?

LS SureClean Power Cables

LS SureClean™ technology, by LS Cable & System, is a proprietary process that sets new standards for the clean material handling of medium voltage power cables. Incorporating customized material handling, isolator technology and gravity conveyance, Eliminating the need for traditional cleanrooms and personal protection equipment (PPE), LS SureClean™ technology ensures the quality of each and every product leaving the facilities.