A Story with a Picture

Infographics. Data visualization. Charts and graphs. Despite the fact that I love the written word, often companies want to tell a story through visuals with my help. I’ve worked with art directors, designers and analytic experts to build out a number of different infographics over the years. Here are some of my faves:

Data Management Platform (DMP)

Data is all about management. The magic is in how to find it, where to get it, how to organize it and how to maintain it. Using this handy-dandy visual metaphor around fishing. I spent weeks developing an infographic that explains it all.

The sources of data vary. First party data involves understanding the data coming into the system from clients, businesses and customers. Second party data is the data that others are collecting to enhance the data set. For example, AOL, Google Analytics or Microsoft. Finally, there’s third party data which includes service providers like Axiom, Blue Kai and Experian to expose the data within the system and enable richer targeting.

Once captured, the next step involves cleaning and maintaining the data. It involves scrubbing it against other factors. Like when to update certain sets, how to tie data sets together, how to make certain that data remains current or assure that process are automated and identifying which data sets are complete and accurate.

Children’s Healthcare Strong4Life

To help convey and educate parents and childcare providers about healthy lifestyle initiatives, I helped develop many different types of infographics. The following needed to simply address the core problem and cause of high obesity rates and low fitness levels in the state of Georgia.

Koch Industries Overview

To help explain in a visual manner, the many complexities of the world’s second largest privately-held company, I worked with designers to create the following infographic.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 1.17.42 PM.png