Let’s Go Live

No matter how image and video heavy sites have become, there will always be the need for compelling and meaningful copy within a website. Working together with information architects and user experience designers, I provide end-to-end copywriting, CTAs and blog content for many different websites. See a few examples below.

Holiday Inn

At the same time that Holiday Inn Express was being rewritten and redesigned, IHG’s flagship hotel, all eyes were on making this family brand more approachable, more friendly and more accommodating. But you be the judge.

Transitions Lenses

One of the world’s leading lens manufacturer, I helped to rewrite and re-architect the content for Transitions Lenses.

Holiday Inn Express

Following the brand standards, I helped rewrite the Holiday Inn Express website for Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG). The entire process took about six months from start to finish.

AppPax Bankware

For banks and credit unions, implementing a strategy, managing risk, and staying compliant in the future will require a more holistic way to think about banking systems overall. AppPax Risk and Compliance Manager and AppPax Strategy Manager is a SaaS that handles the regulatory, technical, and organizational complexities with a set of fintech tools.

Dacron Pillow Fill

Check your pillow. Chances are it has a Dacron tag. After a visual rebranding, I rewrote the content across with a supplier app.