Building a Brand Character

A name like Sparkle does not give one the greatest advantage when trying to hawk a roll of paper towels. Added to the challenge, Georgia-Pacific did not want its challenger brand to cannibalize its other, powerhouse paper towel brand, Brawny. It was a tricky marketing spot. I looked at reams of research to help craft a creative strategy. I ultimately landed the team on Kerri the Sparkle Fairy.

Meet Kerri the Sparkle Ferry

Part Tina Fey, Part Lucille Ball and Part Phoebe from Friends, she’s the best, magical version of mom’s best friend. She appears whenever she sees an opportunity to remind mom to keep things in perspective, and live “on the bright side of life.” Kerri is quick to dole out the advice and the optimistic help, whether it’s asked or not. 

Below, you’ll find some of Kerri’s treatment. And yes, her name was in fact changed during production from Perri to Kerri.

With Kerri as the face of the brand, the Sparkle brand has flown, appearing in televisions, magazines and computer screens across North America. Since then, Kerri has twerked in other web video launched stories and was even spotted “in person” at the mecca of all things Sci-Fi, the Promised Land of Nerdom, DragonCon.

Kerry Lives On

As she’s been passed along to a few agencies now, she’s been updated and overhauled (you might even say she’s had a little work done).

Even the woman who played Kerri has been swapped out for a different actress. However, the fact remains my creative strategy which manifested itself as a blue fairy is still out there in the market doing her magical paper-towel thing.