A One-of-a-Kind Credit Union

Surrounded by a forest of L.A.’s biggest animation studios, UMe Credit Union is a quirky, progressive, and highly-successful credit union in in the heart of America’s entertainment hub. Fittingly, I identified the credit union’s Entertainer archetype and helped birth the Ume Emu -- a giant cartoon bird, who’s half Larry David, half Steve Forbes and 100% hysterical. Almost overnight, the UMe’s first ever spokesbird has become an iconic character that’s reached folks well beyond the financial industry.

Who is the Emu?

The UMe Emu is a truth teller, brand champion and wisenheimer wrapped in a chic, purple-feathered façade. He worked at the highest echelon of global finance before coming to the realization that money should be local and cooperative, instead of global and corporate. Serving UMe, a not-for-profit, is his way of giving back, righting the wrongs and sticking it to the big bank man. He delivers messages as such without ever being cruel or condescending. 

As you’ll see, he’s pretty much everywhere now.